Grace, or the Art of Climbing

3 W / 4 M

  • Productions: Denver Center Theatre Company, Art House Productions, Nice People Theatre Company

  • Academic productions: Carlotta Festival (Yale School of Drama), Wittenberg University, University of Montana

  • Development: Colorado New Play Summit

Faced with a painful chapter in her life and fighting the inertia of depression, Emm decides to enter the world of competitive rock-climbing.  Her quest through the rugged and humorous terrain of physical training and personal relationships charts the journey of a young woman suspended between love and loss, strength and fear, fathers and daughters, and the ardor and grace of being human.

  • Barrymore Award Best New Play nomination

  • ATCA-Steinberg New Play Award nomination

  • Susan Smith Blackburn Prize nomination

  • The Kilroys List honorable mention

Photo by Miguel Aviles

Photo by Miguel Aviles

Another Kind of Silence



6 W / 2 M
(with 2 rehearsal interpreters +
1 Director of Artistic Sign Language)

  • Development: Magic Theatre Virgin Play Festival, PlayPenn Conference, Sewannee Writers’ Conference

  • Playwrights Realm Fellowship

  • Drama League New Directors/New Works Fellowship

A fully bilingual play (English & American Sign Language), Another Kind of Silence tells the story of Evan, a writer who -- after a decade of marriage to her composer husband -- finds herself falling in love with an artist named Chap, who is already partnered herself. Set in modern Greece (that bedrock of myth), the play follows the two couples and their four souls as they confront the hard questions in long-term partnership, the challenges of communication, the transformative nature of desire, and the mysteries of a changing self.

  • FEWW Prize honorable mention

  • The Kilroys List honorable mention

  • O'Neill National Playwrights Conference finalist

  • Bay Area Plawyrights Festival semi-finalist

Photo by Eileen Suarez

Photo by Eileen Suarez

Thrive, Or What You Will

5 W/trans*/nonbinary / 1 M

  • Development: Page 73

  • New Georges Audrey Residency

This is a story about the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. Her name was Jeanne Baret, and she did it disguised as a man.  

A lot happened on that epic journey. And before that journey. And after. But nearly everything we know about her life comes from the journals of the men who knew her.

So this play imagines multiple versions of who Jeanne was, or may have been. Everyone in the ensemble at some point plays Jeanne, and sometimes multiple people play her simultaneously.

An epic tale of historical fiction about our country's present moment, Thrive, Or What You Will interrogates the nature of discovery, of legacy, of categorizing the world, of science and sacrifice, of species and survival, of status and privilege, of gender and identity, and of the subjective nature of both history and self.

Meanwhile, we watch Jeanne and her lover/companion Commerson on their adventure -- from meeting to parting -- across lands & seas & 6,000 plants - in an epic voyage that is part love story, part Peer Gynt journey, part Latin taxonomy, part feminist wrestling with historiography, and part theatrical celebration of awe and the human need to thrive.

  • O’Neill Playwrights Conference finalist

  • Jerome Fellowship finalist

Leemage/Getty Images/Universal Images Gr

Leemage/Getty Images/Universal Images Gr

The Egg-Layers

5 W / 3 M

  • Academic productions: American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Barnard College

  • Development: The Inkwell, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival directors’ lab

  • Developmental commission: New Georges / Barnard College

In this fever-dream play of origin stories, the ancient canon, and the myth of Leda & the Swan, a searching, unruly ensemble of women, girls, men, and boys all journey, lay eggs, question, turn into eggs, suffer, hatch from eggs, and rebel -- to the awe and dismay of their Playwright -- who is struggling to make sense of them, the world, and her own story, all of it spinning wildly out of control.

  • Jane Chambers Award honorable mention

  • O'Neill National Playwrights Conference finalist

  • Source Festival finalist

  • RISK IS THIS... Festival finalist


"The artful interface of personal and social concerns is equally vivid as suggested by Feldman's THE EGG-LAYERS, ... which playfully explores coming of age, gender and contemporary love by fusing classical myth and current archetypes, rising to theatrical beauty and moving insight." - Maya Roth, Georgetown University, Co-Chair

Photo by Stephen Yang

Photo by Stephen Yang

a People {a mosaic play}

Ensemble cast of 6-10

  • Production: Orbiter 3

  • Academic production: Cornell University

  • Development: Jewish Plays Project, Tofte Lake Center, terraNOVA Groundbreakers

a People is a mosaic of eras and lands; generations and deserts; hats and books; clarinets and bread; people lost and people searching; angry young women; sad old men; angels; history; memory; and imagination. A buoyant, kaleidoscopic journey across time & culture, a People is as intimate as it is epic -- 8 actors playing 88 roles -- in a spectacle of ambitious scope, exploring and exploding the history & present of the Jewish diaspora. The play transports its audience to a timeless festival atmosphere in which 2,000 years can pass in one hour, spinning a luminous and tenuous tale of fellowship and longing, all while wrestling with the question: What is my relationship to those who came before me? And are we - or is anyone - still a people? 

  • Alliance for Jewish Theatre Conference

Photo by Andrew Gillis

Photo by Andrew Gillis



4 W / 2 M

  • Academic production: Georgetown University

  • Commission & development: Northwoods Ramah Theatre Company

Artfully told through the eyes of three sisters over the course of the seven years that their father spent writing Paradise Lost, Amanuensis, or The Miltons imagines the poet Milton’s relationship to his kept-barely-literate daughters while he was blind and outcast. Poetic and playful, fantastic and unflinching, Amanuensis interrogates the relationship between privilege and education, authorship and history, gender and voice, as it tells the story of three children growing up in the shadow of genius, of society, and of its cultural and historical legacies.

It’s not about what got erased from history. It’s about what never got written.

Photo by Annie Levy

Photo by Annie Levy

Short Plays

2 W

Two acrobats receive and enact in real-time a series of instructions from an absent playwright in her three different attempts to find grounding, connection, and impact in light of the current national crisis.  

  • The Future Is Female Festival

Attempts At Finding Footing

2 W / 2 M

Trapped in middle school, faced with bullying, and enmeshed in each other's lives, Young Persephone and Young Hades have reached a breaking point. When their older selves arrive to help, the four discover that time and forgiveness have both healed and not healed them from the turbulence of their adolescence.

  • City Theatre school tour

Ten or Something Years from Now; or, Persephone, Hades and the Underworld of Middle School

How It Works

1 W / 1 Someone Else

As a result of injury or illness, a woman grapples with the powers that be, who insist that she relinquish layer after layer of ability and identity.

  • InterAct Theatre One-Act Festival

Sand and Sam

1 W / 2 M

An older conservative rabbi tries to connect with a young queer artist who watches an Afro-Cuban gravedigger bury her grandfather in Miami.

  • City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting finalist


1 W

Verbally and physically, a young woman shares with us three key moments of silence in her life.

  • InterAct Theatre One-Act Festival

  • Culture*Park Theatre

  • New England Center for Circus Arts

Yawper on Balch Bridge

4 W / 1 M

Four selves of the same woman at different ages try to navigate her life through… Youth. College. Feminism. Sexuality. Fantasy. Identity. Aging. Loss. Loneliness. Reflection. Choices. Memory. And the pursuit of happiness. 

  • Heideman Award finalist

The Seven Lovers of Bluehat Whistletop: A Children's Play for Adults

2 W

A whimsical and fantastical take on the journey we travel to find love (and ourselves) after losing a partner.

  • Longing with Language: A Performance Smörgåsbord

  • InspiraTO Festival

  • terraNOVA Collective

Photo by Vito Zmak

Photo by Vito Zmak

The Coupling Heuristic: A Minuet

Cast of 3:  2 W or 2 M / 1 Dancer

A poet and a computer programmer meet, click, date – and learn each other’s language as they endeavor to stay open to the intimacy that love creates.

  • Drama League DirectorFest

  • Estrogenius Festival

  • Commission & Reading: Theater Emory

  • Published: The Book of Estrogenius 2009

Funny Story

1 W

A young woman delightedly shares with us a funny story from her past, and in the sharing of it comes to realize darker themes at play. A play about growing up female in a patriarchy.

  • Flush Ink Productions

  • Carlotta Festival

  • Yale Cabaret

  • Heideman Award finalist

When It Rains


2 W

An estranged mother visits her daughter in college in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Flea Theater

  • Published: In Times of Disaster (Broadway Play Publishing)

Asteroid Belt

Cast of 3:  1 young woman / 2 parents (any gender)

While two parents are up waiting for their teenage daughter to return home from rehearsal, she realizes that she’s inescapably about to be in a car crash. Time slows down. Thoughts and things happen.

  • Multiple national productions

  • Heideman Award finalist

  • Published: Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing (Cengage Learning),
    Best American Short Plays 2006-2007 (Applause Books)

Devised Works


(full-length, interactive, immersive)

Ensemble of 6

  • Production: New Paradise Laboratories

Gumshoe unites New Paradise Laboratories, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and the Rosenbach in a large-scale immersive performance experience. It’s an on-your-feet adventure in detection that will move between two exhibitions of rare detective literature at the two libraries, taking you deep into the mystery of Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue and the emergence of the detective novel. 

A roller coaster through public and non-public spaces, forgotten rooms and lost books, blending infiltration, disguise, and serendipity to identify the difference between fact, fiction and falsehood. 

War of the Worlds: Philadelphia

(full-length interactive game & theater performance)

Ensemble of 3

  • Devised with Swim Pony and created in collaboration with the Drexel Entrepreneurial Game Studio

An intergalactic force of unknown origin called “The Forgetting” is infecting Philadelphia, causing citizens across the city to lose their memories. You are invited to join an exclusive team of terrestrial freedom fighters working to avoid a catastrophic future where our collective memory is lost. Explore the storied rooms of the Calvary Center for Culture and Community to unlock the secrets of this mysterious ‘alien’ disturbance. Join forces with your friends and neighborhoods to protect Philadelphia’s stories. This interactive game invites you to hear and share community stories, solve puzzles, and discover hidden histories.

And If You Lose Your Way,
or A Food Odyssey


3 W / 4 M

  • Production: The Invisible Dog

Devised with Pirronne Yousefzadeh, Nick Choksi, and the ensemble

A retelling of the story of Penelope and Odysseus (and their son, Telemachus), spanning from ancient Greece to 2015, taking us through their parting day, their twenty years apart, and their reunion – with food remaining as the emotional bridge between them. As the play progresses, the events in The Odyssey become metaphors for the evolution of our national food industry and food culture. Performed in the round, And If You Lose Your Way is an immersive, communal experience featuring original songs, audience games and participation, gems of improvisation, and an ongoing sharing of food, prepared by the actors throughout the course of the play and culminating in a feast shared by actors and audience alike. A theatrical experience that forges community and connects us to our shared history, our own childhoods, one another, and the ground itself.

  • New York Innovative Theatre Award nomination

Lady M


1 W / 1 M / And a Chorus of Women

  • Production: Philadelphia Live Arts Festival / Swim Pony

Devised with director Adrienne Mackey

A radical, feminist adaptation of Macbeth through the eyes of Lady M and of the Witches, who know that the story is doomed to play out the same way every time, every performance, with every re-staging of this classic play, until the queen can see the circumstances that constrict her, the society that controls her, and dare to make a different choice that may at last change the outcome.

Photo from Vimeo - Adrienne Mackey

Photo from Vimeo - Adrienne Mackey

The Life and Works of JC as Told by the Heretics
(formerly The Apocryphal Project)

(60-70 mins)

3 M

  • Workshop production: Yale Cabaret

Devised with Michael Walkup, Brian Hastert, Carter Gill, and Alex Knox

With just a sandbox, a pole, a ladder, and 3 actors, this play weaves together the untold tales of the man named Jesus, the unexpected things he taught and shared, and the fate that befell the many uncanonized gospels that contained these gems. Through song, dance, movement, and text of all kinds, The Life and Works… celebrates the multiplicity of viewpoints and raises the questions of who gets to shape truth, and what gets lost in the shaping of it?

Now/Not Now
{a one-woman play with trapeze}

(35-40 mins)

1 W

  • Performance: HOT! Festival, Dixon Place

Devised with Diana Y Greiner

An aerialist has a story to share. About her attack in NYC, and the injury to her brain, and the process of her brain slowly repairing itself, and the way her community rose to support her. And to help share this story, she has a trapeze.

Photo by Smith Banfield

Photo by Smith Banfield

Grey Gone and August

(20-25 mins [Grey Gone]; 35 mins [August])

1 W (and 1 accompanist optional)

  • Performances throughout the U.S.

Devised with Fay Simpson and Mike Donahue

Moving through all of the chakras of the human spirit, an outwardly timid, inwardly fierce woman named Claudia tries to manage the crises of raising children, and a flamboyant and traumatized man named August grapples with the complications of love.

  • Residency: Sewanee University of the South

Grey Gone  photo by Lillian Haidar

Grey Gone photo by Lillian Haidar

August  photo by Lillian Haidar

August photo by Lillian Haidar