Dec 15

Bryn Mawr College

On Thursdays throughout the fall of 2016, I'll be teaching Playwriting II at Bryn Mawr.
(So excited to embark with those students on some magnificent playwriting adventures...!)

Aug 14

Immersion: Developing Your Circus Career

There's a brand-new workshop intensive being offered at NECCA, co-taught by me and the remarkable Elsie Smith. Participants will receive craft tools for honing and enriching the artistry of their circus work, practical tools for everything from resumes to websites to video reels, technical coaching on their apparatus, and one-on-one feedback on their acts.

Immersion: Developing Your Circus Career

To register or for more info, go here.

Jul 31

Orbiter 3's Upcoming Production!

I Am Not My Motherland

Written by Emily Acker
Directed by Rebecca Wright

As told by Hollywood—
As told by the fear mongering journalists— 
As told by her refugee mother—
As told by her war hero grandfather—
An Israeli solider and a Palestinian woman encounter each other in an abandoned bunker. Decades later, a hot-shot surgeon and her fledgling resident botch a fairly standard surgery, ending in catastrophic results. Emily Acker’s I Am Not My Motherland reconsiders how stories are told and re-told, whether any account can come close to objective truth, and why a personal narrative is the hardest to challenge.

For tickets and more info, visit here.

Jul 24


Another Kind of Silence will, blessedly, continue its evolution through the support of the PlayPenn Conference this summer, with the insights of director Megan Sandberg-Zakian, dramaturg Jeremy Stoller, and producer Heidi Rose. Director of Artistic Sign Language TBA.

Stay tuned for the cast and reading dates!

7:00 pm19:00

Ink'd Festival!

The Playwrights Realm spent the past 9 months developing four plays by Lauren FeldmanDavid ZaxSam Chanse & Jonathan Payne. And now you get to see their final staged readings May 17-20. Tickets are FREE and there will be a cupcake & prosecco reception following each reading.


(Another Kind of Silence will be read on Tuesday, May 17 @ 7pm, supported by the remarkableness of director Will Davis, Director of Artistic Sign Language Lewis Merkin, and producer/dramaturgs Katherine Kovner Kate Pines .)

Apr 18

Spring Workshop Weekend in VT

I'm coming back home to NECCA this weekend,
and I'll be bringing these two workshops with me:

  • Making Circus That Dazzles
  • Ten Different Tools for Building an Act

And on Monday, I'll be teaching the Intensive Program students about dramaturgical craft and Making Circus That Matters. (!!!!)

All the info is here...

May 25

Duo Trapeze in Philly

Megan Gendell and I are co-teaching Duo Trapeze (intro, intermediate, performance) at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.
More info here.

Currently the class runs Wednesday nights @ 7:15-9:15.
And it's fantastic.

6:00 pm18:00

Dramaturgy in Philly Circus

After teaching dramaturgical craft at circus studios around the country, I'm finally bringing this workshop here to Philly:

Making Circus That Matters (or, Tools Beyond Technique)

It's one of my two all-time favorite things to teach. Come join. All welcome. Details here.

Feb 8

Versatile Arts

I'll be teaching 2 workshops at Versatile Arts in Seattle for their Workshop Week 2016:

  • Making Circus That Matters
  • Ten Starting Points for Building an Act

I'd be honored to share this work with you.

Nov 8

Fall Workshop Weekend @ NECCA

Hi circus and theater artists! This weekend I'll be teaching 3 workshops at the (incredibly special) New England Center for Circus Arts in (one of my fave places on the planet) Brattleboro, Vermont, and all 3 focus on the intersection between theater and circus, the ways that dramaturgy (e.g. the craft of telling a story, exploring a theme, building a character, or structuring an act) can enrich and enliven circus acts, and some tools and tips for making ensemble shows. If you're around and interested, bring your questions and artistic hungers and come play, discuss, and expand your goals and toolset.


And I'm available for (and love to offer) private or semiprivate lessons in:

  • Act creation
  • Act development
  • Theatricality and audience connection
  • Written or spoken text for performance

Oct 10

Southern Fried Circus Fest

I get to teach two of my all-time favorite things (duo trapeze and dramaturgy) at the Southern Fried Circus Fest in Dallas! Come play, discuss, and expand your goals and tools as a circus artist! Bring your questions and artistic hungers!

  • Making Circus That Matters: Tools Beyond Technique
  • Beginning Adventures in Duo Trapeze (taught with Megan Gendell!)

And I'm available for (and love to offer) private or semiprivate lessons in:

  • Act creation
  • Act development
  • Theatricality and audience connection
  • Written or spoken text for performance

May 31

Playwrights Realm Fellowship

There are 4 of us fellows this year (Sam Chanse, David Zax, Jonathan Payne, and me), and over the next 9 months we will be writing and rewriting our 4 courageous plays into magnificence (Delivery, The Room Where I Was Held, The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll'd, and Another Kind of Silence).
Ambitious art is underway, y'all. 
Exciting conversations are transpiring.
And a new community is being forged.
Hot diggity, I am proud and grateful to be working with these folks, and with Katherine & Kate and the Playwrights Realm.


Dec 18

Bryn Mawr College

I’ll be returning to Bryn Mawr College to teach playwriting to their (and Haverford’s) remarkable undergraduates.

Potluck & Play Reading
5:30 pm17:30

Potluck & Play Reading

Tuesday, August 18
Westminster West, VT
Gateless Potluck & Play Reading
Potluck @ 5:30pm
Playreading @ 7:00pm, with post-reading conversation
Free and open to the public, reservation needed at

For more info visit:

This project is supported in part by the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Photo by Elsie Smith

Nov 2

The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog {a circus-dramaturg collaboration}

Some wonderful circus artists have created an ensemble circus show: The Bizarre and Curious Quest of Killian Cog.
In search of a dramaturg to work with, they reached out to me.
In search of a circus project to dramaturg, I said Yes I'd love to!
In three months we've collaboratively developed, strengthened, deepened, and enriched the story, structure, characters, themes, and theatricality of the show.
And we are delighted. 
The show is bookable and touring. Check it out.
(And man do I love theatrical collaborations.)

SummerStage NYC
Aug 16

SummerStage NYC

Tinder & Ash will be performing a (modified) hour-long excerpt of its full-length show in Marcus Garvey Park for SummerStage NYC!! (Free and open to the public...)

Photo by Alexis Vigneault

May 27

McCarter Playwriting Workshop

I’ll be teaching a 4-week “Spotlight on Playwriting” workshop at the McCarter Theatre for high school students. Excited to ignite some young minds and expand their theatrical toolboxes.

Aug 31

Creation Grant

Through the support of a creation grant from the Vermont Arts Council, I’m writing a new play about circus!